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We're interested in hearing from you!

Do you have comments or questions about our organization?  Or would you like to become a member of our club? Please get in touch!

Contact Richard Bradley by phone at 816 244 6464

Click here to contact club President by e-mail

Our mailing address is:

5029 Frederick Ave
St. Joseph, MO 64506

What do I have to do to become a member of your club?

To become a member of our club you must attend a minumum of three club functions with one of the functions being a regular club meeting.  You must be sponsored by a club member who is in good standing.  Perspective members will be voted on by the membership present at the regular meeting.  If you have been accepted as a new member  you are required to pay club dues in the amount of $24 per year.  Dues will be pro-rated should you be voted in after the month of July.  Each new member shall purchase a club shirt.

Northwest Missouri Street Rods, INC
St. Joseph, Missouri