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  NWMSR        MARCH MINUTES                                  3-11-09    

Richard opened meeting at 7PM.                  

 Kat read the February minutes.


Website is getting too crowded with the addition of new pictures and asked to upgrade the site for $9 a year?  Granted.

Supposed to have had shirt proofs by today, but did not show up.  Will post design on website as soon as arrive.  Respond, your vote, for or against, as soon as possible.  Dash placks are waiting on shirt design..    

Kim Hurt at city hall had an issue with our insurance.  Oked now.  Permit ready to go once check amount is decided.  We have to rent barracades from the city to block off the street.  We aquired picture of Civic Center Park for the committee to plan the layout.

Earl Black said he received a banner form NSRA for the show. He will be doing safety inspections.

Gaylen listed the prices of the foods.   We bought a 20' x 10' screened tent at KMART, for food service at the show.

 Year One is supplying 400 bags,  fans, magnets, Do Not Touch cards, hats, and more for our goodie bags.  Should get Cheery Mash and plastic cups from the tourist bureau. 

Bring all your collected items to next months meeting or get to Richard Bradley beforhand, as we will be stuffing goodie bags then.  Larry went through the list of prizes we have on hand,   but still need more BIG prizes.

Larry Simpson mailed show flyers to Kansas City Star newspaper, but not getting acknowledged.  Was told he needed to FAX to a certain person to get recognized.   St Joe tourism brochure should have dates of our show and the cruises in it. Haven't seen it yet

Car Star wants to bring a hot dog stand to our first cruise at East Hills and give away free hot dogs.  Asked if Ground Round would object?  Ok with them, but Marsha checking with East Hills on protocal.

Swap Meet at Worlds of Fun, instead of The Woodlands,  on April 4th and 5th.

Last Club Breakfast is this saturday at Cracker Barrel, 9AM

Adjourned meeting at 7:40PM.


Next regular meeting will be held on March 11, 2009
7pm 4950 Frederick Ave - St Joseph

Northwest Missouri Street Rods, INC
St. Joseph, Missouri